• Kirsty Rutter


As young children we are free to do anything we choose, trusting that our parents can guide us through danger. As we get older and start to experience life, we begin to move beyond the boundaries of where they can protect us.

We then form our own safety nets, built from what happens to us, what happens to those we know, and what is taught to us by others. Those safety nets tether us within what we perceive to be a protected environment, secure from harm.

While we believe those tethers are keeping us safe, in reality some of them are just keeping us from making the mistakes that help us to learn and grow. Don't speak up in a group, you may be laughed at. Don't try to meet new people, you may be rejected. Don't explore a new career, you may fail. Tethers which keep us right where we are, because the alternative may be worse.

As we identify the tethers which bind us, and begin to remove them, we move into our discomfort zone. We can feel that things are out of control and that we are falling with no safety in sight.

I believe that it is in those moments when we make our greatest steps on our journey to who we are. When we are free falling into self trust, knowing that we will make mistakes, but knowing that we will rise up to catch ourselves.

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