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  • Kirsty Rutter


When I started this canvas, I allowed the paint to find its own form. Some inner instinct told me to stop, and when I stepped back, what I saw was the tail of a beautiful fish as it swam by. When I contemplated what that meant, I realized it was another message from self.

That throughout my life I have worked for, and searched for, many things. Success, love, happiness, security. But like fish darting by, I only see glimpses of what I am striving so desperately for, and that the more I try to grasp it, the faster it moves away.

If I remain completely still, and just watch and wait...then that which is elusive will reveal itself. Staying calm and using all of my senses to appreciate this present moment in time. Stop using all my energy to make it happen, and begin to understand that the keys to what I search for are already inside me.

The trust to be patient, and know that if I follow my values of hard work, respect and honesty, success will come.

The growing love of self, which allows me to love others truly and without reservation.

The release of worry and doubt, to make room for the embrace of laughter, contentment and happiness.

The strength of my mind and body, and the knowledge that I can do anything, which brings me all the security I need.

When I take those moments to watch and wait... it is truly incredible what can be seen.

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