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Empowering you to live your best life

I work with those who are at a crossroads.    You know that something needs to shift in your life or career, and want to explore the possibilities and find the courage to make a change.      Using the Art, the Science and the Tools of Coaching, I provide a safe space to allow you to stretch out of your comfort zone and into transformational awareness.    Helping you to find and appreciate your own unique strengths and gifts; learn to understand that you are in control of your own actions and choices; and discover what you need to live your best life. 

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Kirsty Rutter, B.Sc, ATC

I am an executive level Director who found success through hard work, dedication, a drive to continually expand my skills and knowledge, and ultimately by trying to be the perfect employee.     It was a few years ago when I came to a critical crossroads in life, and became aware that I had lost myself attempting to be the person this world told me I should be.   

I began my training as a professional coach to discover the person buried under all the unconsciously learned behaviors and mindsets which had been collected over a lifetime.  The process of coaching has helped me to uncover my personal values and authentic self, and I am learning to live by those values.

I embraced the coaching process from two perspectives; as a Coach, and as a Coachee.       If I could walk the path to fulfilment through self-trust and self-compassion, then I could hold the light for others to do the same. 

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Professional Certifications

Adler Trained Coach

Bachelor of Science, Major in Biology, Minor in Psychology

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