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  • Kirsty Rutter


Updated: Dec 27, 2020

As I move through life, I have become so used to planning out my day, my week, and my future that I don't allow space for spontaneity. Fearing that if I start to lose control of what is happening around me that things would go in a direction that I don't want. Trying to make sure that my life would turn out to be everything that I dreamed and worked so hard for. Knowing that I could not possibly control every aspect of my life, but trying anyway!

Being what some might call an over-planner (and a recently acknowledged control freak), I found that starting a day without a plan was a challenge. I had to overcome feelings of frustration; that without a plan I wouldn't have any motivation and would lose any energy I had. Feelings of fear; that I would do nothing and would just end up disappointing myself.

So far I have been able to go for a few days without a plan. And yes, there have been moments during those days where I have felt de-motivated and lacking in energy. But there have also been moments of creativity, inspiration and joy. When I allow myself to be spontaneous, and embrace the unknown and the unexpected.

This painting was created during one of those times. I was inspired by the nature that was all around me, and the contentment that was slowly growing inside me. I had no plan, other than to pick up a brush, enjoy the movement, and express myself. I have named it Unexpected, as it truly was!

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