• Kirsty Rutter


Updated: Sep 24, 2021

The journey towards change does not begin with a commitment to action. It begins with awareness. That almost unnoticed gut feeling that says that something isn't right. Some instinct inside you is sending you a message, and while you don't understand it, you know it's there.

You can ignore that message, and continue to ignore it until it becomes a raging storm that destroys your health, your relationships and even your life.

Or you could stop. You could take a breath. You could acknowledge that it is there. Knowing that if you could stop all of those constant, tiresome conversations and worries in your head and just listen, really listen, that you would understand the message.

For a very long time, I ignored and pushed away all of those gut feelings. Now that I am beginning to listen to and understand those messages, they have moved from warnings of danger, to encouragement and enlightenment.

My inner self now "speaks" to me through many things, including my art. When I start a piece, I never have a plan of what I will create. I just let things flow and the parts build to make a whole. Recently, I created this piece, and found out after that snakes signify "transformation, letting go and embracing the new".

I interpret this message from self as confirmation that I am on the right track, and that I need to continue to engage transformation, let go of what does not server me, and embrace things I have never done before.

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