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  • Kirsty Rutter


Updated: Dec 27, 2020

I struggle with quiet. With the ability to sit in the moment and just breath. To set aside my self-imposed expectations, and my desire to constantly improve and expand who I am.

When those moments of quiet come along, I feel like they are a waste of the precious time I have available in this life. That I must wring every last drop from every opportunity.

Don't we need time to refuel and recharge? A time to focus on absolutely nothing and let our bodies, our minds and our souls rest? Are those moments truly not an opportunity in themselves?

When we can cease to pay attention to the constant bombardment of information and noise, both external and internal. When we can set aside our burdens and responsibilities and feel light of heart. When we can feel our breath moving in and out of our body, expanding with life and contracting to release what we don't need.

When you find yourself in those moments, hold onto them for all you are worth. Breath in tranquility and breath out everything else.

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