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  • Kirsty Rutter


Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Once again I feel like my life has become all about purpose. Where every action either needs to serve some good, or move me forward. Even now, I ask, what is my reason for writing this? Why do I feel that these words should be more than just a simple expression of my thoughts?

I continue to fall back into this pattern, and as I find myself here yet again, my awareness wonders....

What do I fear? I fear failing. I fear getting to the end of my life and not having achieved enough. Not being enough.

What is enough? Enough is what I decide it is. Enough is being myself and standing strong, flaws and all.

Easier said than done. How do I get there? Being honest. Sharing my truth. Setting aside the fear and actively living moments that have no purpose. Continuing to ask the questions to bring awareness, and diving deep for the answers.

When I can truly accept that my value is based on who I am, and not on what I do, then I can let go of this.

When I can measure my value against nothing but my own self, and not against others, then I can let go of this.

When I can understand that I define my life’s meaning, and that it is uniquely mine, then I can let go of this.

I can release purpose to find meaning.

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