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  • Kirsty Rutter

My Door

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Each perspective begins from within. As you look out from yourself to the world, you decide how much to share or how little. You also decide if and how much the world affects you (or at least you try!).

At the point where those two meet, is a door. Your door. It can be warm and welcoming, or strong and unassailable. It can be wide open, or locked shut.

Our doors to the world, or the doors to our world (depending on what side you are looking from), are as individual and diverse as we are.

My door is deep and has many layers, which can be locked closed on the days I need to focus on myself; can be barely open when I am with those that drain me; and can be flung wide when I am overfull with joy and sharing!

It is the wonder of my growing awareness that leads me to understand that it is the choice around my door that gives me a sense of control and satisfaction in my life. That I alone choose when to open it and invite others in, and I alone chose how fast I slam it shut against that which will hurt me! That I can choose to keep these contemplations to myself, or share these glimpses into what makes my light shine!

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