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  • Kirsty Rutter


Updated: Nov 23, 2021

No matter what anyone (including your inner critic) says to you, keep going. Keep doing what you love. The journey is long but it is worth it. I struggled painting this piece, and with my feelings around worthiness. When I was finished, I just happened to read something I wrote 21 years ago. It reminded me that the journey will continue, there will always be more to explore...and that perspective is everything.....

“I watched three hawks soar on a spring breeze, I heard the wind rustle through the new grass, I saw sunlight reflect off the waves of the lake, all is new and the old is made young.

This lake is like a drop in the scope of the world, as I am like a spec. To myself I am a giant, where one step can crush. The cleansing of the soul starts from within and only upon choice. Believe in what can happen and it will.

What does the wind bring - the scent of an evergreen, the cry of a newborn. All is changing, all is new. Wonder not from where it comes. Just revel in the joy of its creation.

We we all perfect creatures, mind, body and soul. Seeing a hawk glide on the banks of air - wonder! How can such a perfect balance ever be considered anything but a masterpiece.

Perspective is everything from afar - things always look different than they do up close. Another might look at the same thing and see something entirely different.

Blue sky, spring breeze, bird calls, the silence. As this book is myself, these words are my heart and soul. I must voice what I feel inside. Sometimes it aches to break free and the pen cannot travel fast enough over the page.

The more I write the deeper my soul takes me. There are so many unexplored depths to me that I will never know when I will stop. Will I ever?”

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