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original art expression on canvas

Mistakes can be beautiful!  Let your fire burn! 

about the artist.

Kirsty Rutter
Kirsty Head Shot.jpg

I have been intrigued by art since I was a child, but each time I started to create I was held back by my need to be perfect and to make sure that everyone loved it (heaven forbid someone did not like something I did)!     As part of my ongoing journey of self discovery, I found and ignited a spark of rebellion, with art as my outlet.


I use my passion for colour, texture and the flow of acrylic paint to express myself.      As I find and explore who I am or who I want to be, my emotions come onto the canvas as I feel them.  Happiness, anger, sadness, strength, joy. 


I never know what abstract piece I will create when I pick up a brush, a knife, a marker....but I don't need to know.  The joy is in the journey.

If any of my work speaks to you or helps to inspire you on your own journey, then I am myself further inspired.

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original artwork for sale.

All original art is created and made in Ontario, Canada.  Price includes shipping.  Taxes are extra.