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So this is the first time I have tried a computer instead of a page and pen for my journal. Not sure yet what is faster, as with this, I am constantly making mistakes. Each backspace slows me down and I can’t type as fast as I can think. And when I make too many mistakes, I stop. I don’t slow down and accept the fact that mistakes must be made in order to learn to do it fast. So I just don’t do it at all! Do I hear pen and paper calling? LOL What compels me to stop? I don’t know. In drumming, they teach you to just keep going. To let the mistake pass, as just that, a mistake. One which would affect only itself, as you move back into the flow of the music. Not forgotten, but not brought with you to affect the rest of the song. Why can’t we do that in life? Why does each mistake keep affecting the ones after? Am I ever going to master this? Is this just a waste of time? If you’re not good enough at this what makes you think you could do that? Let them go. The harder you hold them, the greater the ripple. Get back into the flow of life, and keep making mistakes. It’s the only way to learn to play the whole song!