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A Letter to Self

Be mindful of yourself. Be present in the moment. Pause to feel the effects of something before acting or responding. You won’t be perfect but that’s ok. Do what feels right and joy will come. Don’t worry about what others think and feel. Your decisions are yours and this is your life. Change it to what feels right to you. Whatever that is, it will be alright. You are a beautiful person inside and out. Your limitations are your strength. Believe in yourself. Take the time to balance the physical, emotional, mental, heart and spirit. Delve into what you wish to regardless of what others think. Find your creativity and your intuition. Don’t worry about money. If you pursue what you love, it will come. Say it with love and say how you feel. Remember to take things slowly, look up as you walk and enjoy the scenery. You don’t have to keep looking down and worrying about tripping, going in the wrong direction or taking the wrong step. Follow your instincts and it will be OK. The joy is in the journey. Trust yourself.