Kirsty Rutter 



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My Journey

Welcome to my journey.    I have spent my entire life trying to be the perfect daughter, wife, friend and employee.   I suppressed everything about myself that I didn't think others would like or approve of.    I put myself in service to others, and sacrificed for the greater good or to try to please everyone.  I made choices which I thought were the  "right ones" so that I could become a respected, successful business woman who could support her family and retire well.

By trying to be everything to everyone, I lost myself.  I had put all my needs at the bottom of my to do list, and only took care of myself so that I could be a better support to those around me.  The true me became a tiny voice in the deep recesses of my soul, only heard when I wrote in my journal.  And let me tell you, sometimes she screamed from those pages.  

It was after I turned 40 that I started to really pay attention to that voice and the rebel spark was ignited.  Through many small steps, the spark became a flame and I began to do things that would honour and respect my mind, my body and my soul. My family and close friends were incredibly supportive, and as time went on other people started to come into my life at what seemed to be just the right moment.  Each one helped fan the flame to bring me further along the path, or brought inspiration through sharing.   While I did not yet know what would truly make me happy, I was moving in the right direction.  

I had been intrigued by art since I was a child, but each time I started to create I was held back by my need to be perfect or to make sure that everyone loved it (heaven forbid someone did not like something I did)!   As I travel down this road of self discovery  and let my fire burn, art is my outlet.   As I find and release those parts of myself, they come onto the canvas as I feel them. Happiness, anger, sadness, strength, calm, joy.  I never know what I will create when I pick up a brush, a pencil, a marker....but I don't need to know.     

I do not take commissions.  If you do not like my work that is OK, as your approval is not part of my journey. If a certain piece speaks to you and helps to inspire you on your own journey, then I am myself further inspired.